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Re: I Don't Care That Much

Matthew Story wrote: View Post
I am a little surprised; I think this is a mindset that is pretty rare in activities other than the martial arts. I don't think Kobe Bryant disparages the guys who play basketball a couple times a week at the YMCA. I don't think Eric Clapton gets angry at the guys who strum chords around the campfire. I don't think Bob Woodward has a problem with the average blogger.

In the martial arts, though, I think there are a lot of people who, perhaps because of the pseudoreligious way some martial arts are taught, come to imagine that their activity is objectively, universally important rather than just important to them. And once that illusion has a hold of you, it starts to seem reasonable to insist that everyone value your particular activity exactly the same way you do.

I like aikido. It's fun, it's interesting, it's challenging, it's a good workout, and it has taught me a lot, including things that apply to life outside the dojo. I acknowledge that it requires time and effort. A select few take aikido further than that, and that's cool. I just take issue with the ones who think I need to be exactly like them.
I don't think Kobe, Eric, or Bob would disparage amateurs or dabblers simply because they don't care and they are not on their personal radar. They have more important things to do and have "filters" and "access" gates set up to really prevent amateurs and dabblers from wasting their valuable time.

I don't think you have many people complaining and griping about equal and fair access to Kobe, Eric, and Bob either. I would think most reasonable dabblers understand that they simply are not going to have access to them.

However, people in martial arts will gripe that an instructor or sensei is not willing to spend time with them or is spending time with certain people more than others. I don't get that. Personally, If you are a dabbler...I wouldn't really even think about you enough to disparage simply would not be on my radar. I think it is probably as simple as that.

On Facebook Peter Boylan posted an interesting link to a musician that wrote a letter to a film company that was requesting his music for free. Why is their an expectation in the "arts" that people have a right on an entitlement to ask if they can "borrow" or have it for little or nothing?

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