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Re: I Don't Care That Much

Matthew Story wrote: View Post
The veil over the martial arts is being lifted. As more and more information about them becomes available to the general public through the internet and sports like MMA, more people see through the myths. The martial arts are not a shortcut to enlightenment. They do not offer us supernatural powers. They are not inherently moral or noble. Only a few of them are trained in a way that really prepares practitioners for the rigor of combat, and even those are virtually useless against modern weapons. We are running out of reasons for the martial arts to be important.
Supernatural powers? Inherently noble? Combat preparation?

That's a pretty naive list of reasons to study aikido. I certainly wouldn't agree that if you take those three away then we are "running out of reasons". It sounds you were looking at aikido through that veil and now that you have a little bit of experience the veil is gone and you're not sure what you're looking at.

I think it is common to begin aikido with certain idealistic assumptions and then become disillusioned after a period of time. The question is whether you give up or keep going. For those that keep going, the deeper reality becomes fascinating and inspiring. The loss of the original naive view, looking back, is just an inevitable part of the natural growth process.

Good luck to you.
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