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oh some almost heated replies here..... looks like i touched a nerve here? some people dont like to be considered as lazy?

hey i wont deny that i'm lazy, i am! and as such it is why i still train aikido.... i've played around with a few other martial arts (BJJ, Judo, kung-fu) and the effort you have to put in vs the result you get is much higher than aikido.

when i say lazy i mean that technique we strive for is relaxed, and relaxed means not to use any overt muscular power, which means not requiring a lot of effort.

its not to say that training is lazy, i have some extreme training sessions sometimes, especially when we do randori.... but from demonstrations ive seen from my sensei and other higher ranked sensei, when technique is done without the strict form we practice during training, it looks very lazy (even ukemi when done good looks very lazy).... = :d good in my opinion.... i wouldnt still be training if i didnt hold to the idea that i can be lazy and still achieve a proficient level with years of practice haha.

oh and bruce, where did that stuff about seeking knowledge come from? what has laziness got to do with it?

i think there is somewhat of a misunderstanding of my idea of laziness.

laziness = least amount of effort for best result.

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