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Re: the best aikido video ever?

Philip Zeplin-Frederiksen wrote: View Post
That is indeed a very well done video
Wonderful cinematography, and I really love the white balance going on in the most of the dojo clips! Gives a very serene feeling!
Thanks! We were so excited when we saw this for the first time! I think it does a really good job of reflecting Payet-sensei's attitude and the atmosphere he develops in the dojo--a mix of hard training and relaxed fun.

Adam Huss wrote: View Post
Well done video/kenshu advertisement. Doing a kenshu was one of the most important experiences of my life. I would encourage any serious practitioner of martial art to undergo that type of intensive and focused training. Literally a life-changing experience.
Thanks. It is a kenshu advert, but I think it is more than that. It shows what Yoshinkan can be if it is divorced from WWII-era military ideology and the western machismo that adores that.

Krystal Locke wrote: View Post
I like these two a lot. This one has an aikido style I like a lot, interesting production values, and does Sugano sensei some indirect honor. This one shows an offshoot style that doesn't get much play, is very pretty (but the comments are right about too much Magic Bulletsiness), and anything with taiko is win.
Yes, these are both good videos. 1 has some pretty crappy technique in it, but our kenshusei advertisement shows the reality that we are not so good, too. In particular, 1/2 of us can't sit in seiza properly due to knee problems. On the other hand, our advert is ultimately about the experience of doing the kenshusei course and not showing off aikido, per se.

Krystal Locke wrote: View Post
Oh, and no,I am not in either video, I know none of the people in any of those videos and have no connection with their dojo at all.
Thanks. Other than the stress caused by the kenshusei course, life in Kyoto has been kind of idyllic. Sometimes I even forget why I wanted to leave the States. Then I come back to this forum, and it reminds me.

Stephen Nichol wrote: View Post
I wonder if they got permission for the music from Bear McCreary or anyone from the Battlestar Galactica 2004-2009 TV series licensing and copyright department? Would be a shame to see the video pulled if they did not.
Probably they did. Toshishiro Obata has connections with Hollywood. Can you say Shredder?
(Obata was originally Yoshinkan. One of his former students trains in our dojo in Kyoto, and he is a tough guy... not that there's anything wrong with that...)

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