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Re: YouTube: Tsuruzo Miyamoto at 2013 World Combat Games

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
Hi Yannis,
I have no problem if anyone has a different viewpoint from myself.You expressed what you thought of the video.I respect you for calling it as you perceive it.No problems here.
As you say, you cannot always tell or judge somebody by a video, especially on a demo.
I am sure if you met Miyamoto Sensei and trained with him you would more than likely come away from the encounter with a different 'take' on his work.
By the way, are you the gent on facebook who ssems to like fashionable gear?Do you live in Athens? Do you know Jenny Flower/Matt Teale/Ari Sinavellis?? Cheers, Joe
Hi there Joe. I live in Athens indeed, at least at the moment. I'm not sure what you mean about fashionable gear but in order to recognize me on Facebook, I'm the long hair guy standing next to a palm tree in my profile photo and I have a picture of a Katana on the background timeline photo.
Now I hope that Jun's post telling me I'm way off topic won't be posted...too loud. Haha! Cheers mate!
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