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Re: Looks like Fukushima WAS a Nuclear Explosion

Tore Eriksson wrote: View Post
FUD removed

David, I really can't see the point of bringing this discussion to Aikiweb. Also, as someone residing in Japan I also take offense at all this fear-mongering, using unsubstantiated claims about the disaster to push a political agenda.
I have been following Fukushima for two years. I used to be a radiographer and, while I don't understand everything, I probably know more than the average person. If you want to hear an expert who has actually done some hands on down-to-earth (literally) research check out Chris Busby. I don't want to believe it ... but maybe you need to be better informed. I was in Japan last year for 6 months - there is almost nothing in Japanese media about this ... but it is in people's minds of you talk to them.

What ever you think, there is a lot that needs to be done. A lot. It is no use burying your head in the sand on this one.

Chris Busby has put out several vids over the last two years. Check them out.

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