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Re: YouTube: Tsuruzo Miyamoto at 2013 World Combat Games

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
Hi old buddy, have you got the names mixed up? Miyazawa/Miyamoto Sensei???I agree that Doshu /Tissier Sensei seem to show the same stuff each time.Ok if you like this stuff.Me , I like a
bit of fire in demos.Some one like Tada Sensei for example.Still explosive after all the years.
Hope you are wel, cheers, Joe.
That serves me right for posting while hungry…

Yes, the late Miyazawa Sensei was someone else entirely - he was a friend of Kanetsuka Sensei and visited the UK quite regularly, though he lived in Argentina. I went to a very nice class in London a few years ago where he was teaching swordwork.

Here is an interview with Miyazawa Sensei published in Aikido Journal.

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