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Re: YouTube: Tsuruzo Miyamoto at 2013 World Combat Games

I enjoyed the demonstration - in my opinion this is very good aikido. Good connection and plenty of power, but no brutality. I see someone at the peak of his powers (apart from that knee, of course), and he does indeed look markedly more relaxed in his execution than I have seen him in the past. I have noticed this apparently distracted manner in demonstrations by other senior shihan - at times he looks as if he is distracted by the audience, and at others he seems to be simply taking his time. I can imagine that some might feel that his turning his back on his ukes for several seconds could be seen as setting a bad example for zanshin, though.

It's interesting to contrast this demo with the other one being currently discussed here by Christian Tissier. Miyazawa Sensei's demonstration was spontaneous and personal, showing insights into his own interpretation of aikido. Tissier Sensei's demonstration gives a strong impression of being very similar to every other demonstration he does (I feel the same way about the ones I have seen by the current Doshu), and I can imagine him consciously developing his demonstrations over the years. Both Tissier and Doshu have (in their different ways) very clean, repeatable techniques, and I think they both want to show this in their demonstrations, where Miyazawa seems to have different prioritiies.


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