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Re: Death of Jack Arnold 7th Dan, Shihan

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
We do indeed live in a Aikido world which is fragmented. Perhaps this is normal? i can never understand why an art which purports to bring people together seems at times to operate in a manner which contradicts O Sensei's vision.Perhaps I am a bit of an idealist ?
Hi Joe,

You can't deny that there are some extremely divisive personalities in the aikido world. This is part of the problem, and my personal feeling is that this is very difficult to get around. On top of that, there are some excellent teachers who are very poor managers of people.

On the other hand, some of the old-timers are (or were) people with high personal integrity, and seem to have had the rare gift of being able to build bridges. I understand that the late Kisaburo Osawa was a prime example of the latter.

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