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Re: Horikawa teaching Shioda?

Thanks for this link, and thank you Mr. Amdur for the article.

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
I have - Inoue speaks a bit about Shioda's changes over the years in his latest book.
I think the best place to find Shioda's perspectives on aikido is in his own book Aikido Shugyo.

Bernd Lehnen wrote: View Post
How do you know? Why not? It might well be exactly this belief makes things so complicated for everyone else.
Anyone who has studied aikido seriously knows you can't learn it from watching. You have to feel both the uke and shite parts of techniques before you start to understand. Unless perhaps you are a prodigy. But if Shioda was a prodigy, it would raise the question why he couldn't learn aikido during the time he studied with Ueshiba.

Howard Popkin wrote: View Post
It would be unusual for two guys of that position to just "meet up" and have a throw down, wouldn't it ?
As Mr. Amdur explained, they didn't just meet up. There was a clear reason--Yagyukai. Anyhow, I am not at all sure it is unusual for two accomplished martial artists to meet in a small island nation like Japan, where most of the culture and urban life is contained within a few cities in a small area.

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