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Re: Death of Jack Arnold 7th Dan, Shihan

Thank you, Joe Curran Sensei, for your caring tributes to both Murashige Shihan and to Arnold Shihan. It is certainly timely to honor both mini giants of the Aikido world, if not only to exhort and encourage their respective mentees and students to now take up the cause they so painstakingly pioneered in their own fashion.

Let us all not grieve over long over our obvious losses, but rather rejoice in the fact that they existed to give us so much in terms of direction, example and vision. Let us also heed the clarion call to bring Morihei Ueshiba's legacy and vision of a Sliver Bridge for all mankind to even greater levels of achievements for all who train and persevere in Aiki.

This is the time for succeeding generations to come forth, stand up, and be counted among those who truly care and are determined to do their part in keeping Aikido alive and thriving for generations to come.

Thank you Joe, for reminding us all they we still remain a family, albeit a bit disjointed at present. The world of Universal Aiki is more than large enough to encompass us all. Gambarimashoo!
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