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Re: YouTube: Tsuruzo Miyamoto at 2013 World Combat Games

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Dear Yannis,
While I appreciate that you have expressed you viewpoints which clearly are diametrically the opposite of my own ,I welcome your words. Can I ask you this question have your ever met or trained with Miyamoto Sensei? As someone who knows Miyamoto Sensei over a period of years, I can testify that Miyamoto Sensei certainly does not lack the qualities which you suggest he does not have eg Zanshin, Maai etc.I personally wish I had a some of his skllls. As a parting suggestion from myself ,assuming you have never met Miyamoto Sensei, why not have a practice with him?Maybe you would change your mind about his work?Cheers, Joe
Dear Joe.
I appreciate the way that you respect my opinion and believe me, I respect yours even more since you have personal experience with this teacher.
My comments were not about him generally but what I got from that specific video, again filtered through my experience and perception of aikido.
Off course, you can't judge anyone through a mere video and if you don't feel the technique on your body you can't actually know.
On the other hand, since the video was on and everyone was telling their opinion, I thought I'd share mine whether positive or negative, so I did.
But a taste of his technique on me could possibly change my mind since nothing compares to personal experience...
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