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Re: Horikawa teaching Shioda?

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Sort of like what happened to me when I was walking in a park in Taiwan and some white-crane guys beckoned me over and one guy started to feel the acupuncture points in my arm, and then nodded, "Heng hau, heng hau" - (really good, really good), calling some of his training brothers over to feel my arms as well. Of course, later a new acquaintance told me, "Stay away from the white crane guys. Their practice tends to raise their blood pressure so much they get neurological damage. They are all kinda crazy." Of course, it's possible, now, that because of that single transformative touch, that white crane guy got an amazing understanding ('cause I'm amazing) and changed his entire art. He surely taught others. In short, I am the teacher of one line of Taiwanese white crane.
you could get one of those gold silk pajama that many taichi folks have, then have an embroided white crane take flight and get shot by crazy white hunters. and then declared yourself the grandmaster of that white crane sect. better yet, you could dye your eyebrows white and said you are the bak mei white crane grandmaster. if anyone protests, you can always poke them full with holes using the naginata.

btw, if i remembered my kungfu movies correctly, the white crane techniques countered the chicken feet.... i meant the eagle claw kungfu techniques which is really the chin na stuffs which were the great great many great removed aikido techniques.

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