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Re: YouTube: Tsuruzo Miyamoto at 2013 World Combat Games

Russ Qureshi wrote: View Post
Very relaxed, gentle with explosive power when he feels...pretty much basic aikikai style demo....he is very nonchalant but this seems to be his style....

Has anyone trained with him...can you chime in?


Hi Russ,
Miyamoto Sensei is a frequent instructor at British Birankai Summer Schools.I have trained with him.He is an excellent teacherand has a wide range of waza.He does a lot of variations in his work.Miyamoto sensei might do one technique then change to another.Note the video show.
He looks nonchalant but his connection and control of uke is excellent.Not a big man, however he uses all is body [he is very flexible ] to good effect against bigger guys.I rate him very highly.As a person , Miyamoto Sensei is quiet , good company, enjoys a beer and can rattle off a good song if required.All in all he is a really great aikidoka and a good friend. Cheers, Joe.
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