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Re: Horikawa teaching Shioda?

Ellis Amdur wrote: View Post
... Shioda asked Kodo a question about Kodokai Aiki. Kodo demonstrated a simple technique on Shioda, and he replyed: " it". . . .When Okamoto told the story, I got the impression that it was no big deal. Just two guys exchanging info."

Ellis Amdur
This might well be an indication that, perhaps, "Aiki" isn't the big deal everyone is made to believe.
Takeda is said to have thought so.

Oisin Bourke wrote:
In other words, it needs to be learned in a particular context/relationship, under particular conditions and with regard to a particular weltanschauung. One cannot learn aiki (as referred to in Daito Ryu parlance) simply from being shown some solo exercises.
How do you know? Why not? It might well be exactly this belief makes things so complicated for everyone else.


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