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Re: Horikawa teaching Shioda?

Howard - I've clearly explained the picture. And they are sitting, not studying.

Furthermore, I got confirmation, in written notes, from two senior members of the Roppokai as to the correctness of my thesis. One wrote to me: "I have actually been told by Okamoto that Kodo and Shioda once met in the Tokyo area, and that Shioda asked Kodo a question about Kodokai Aiki. Kodo demonstrated a simple technique on Shioda, and he replyed: " it". . . .When Okamoto told the story, I got the impression that it was no big deal. Just two guys exchanging info."

Bill - there were not "those sessions" - as the article states, the Yoshinkan did not participate in sessions. The Yagyukai, a completely separate organization that either borrowed or rented space at the Yoshinkan when aikido was not in session.

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