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Re: How to deal with aggressive, non-compliant attackers? And discussion on atemi.

Logan Light wrote: View Post

I love that there's full resistance.
Well, there's (at least) 2 categories of "resistance."

1. Basic/passive resistance, where uke uses a strong, resilient body to make it hard for you to put him down. He'll go, but he'll make you work.
2. Active resistance, where not only does uke not want to go down, he is looking to make YOU the uke. He should succeed in pinning/throwing you around half the time if your skill levels etc are matched. So if you aren't wasting your time beating up on someone who can't challenge you, you should be losing a lot of the time. By losing I don't mean failing to get a good throw-- I mean being thrown.

Anyway the video had some fun points like those edited bits at the beginning. But it is basically showing number 1 above, not number 2. So I do appreciate it, but I think it could go further.
Uke really should have felt free to strike toward the face at 2:26 for instance. (They were standing around within punching ma-ai, clearly thinking about the hakama guy's next throw/pin attempt)

BTW, if one guy is dressed like he is senior to the other people, I guess they wouldn't show #2, would they?
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