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Totally new site for Aikido of San Diego

Just a couple of days ago we launched an entirely new site for Aikido of San Diego:

This site is responsive (works on desktops, tablets, and phones), and includes more information, all new photos, and more videos than our previous site (which was pretty darned good already). For the techies out there, I started with the Zurb Foundation framework, and then did all the layout and design through hand-coding in HTML and CSS. (It's not a CMS or templated site).

There is a lot of information on the site. We will be refining and expanding over time, too. Our dojo handbook is available only as a PDF now (from the Membership and Resources pages. We will be creating an HTML version of it, for easier online reading. We will also be adding pages to address specific concerns or demographics, too, so that people searching for information can find us more readily. We'll be continuously improving and keeping things fresh with new photos, videos, and more.

Check out the site, and come train with us whenever you visit San Diego!

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