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Re: Horikawa teaching Shioda?

Guillaume Erard wrote: View Post
Hi everyone, I just wanted to bring to your attention the publication of an interesting piece by Ellis Amdur that did not make the cut in the latest edition of Duelling with O Sensei. It deals with myths in martial arts, in particular a story that has been going around about the Daito-ryu master Horikawa teaching Yoshinkan Aikido founder Shioda Gozo the fundamentals of Aiki. I think that Ellis debunks pretty eloquently that particular one in this article. I would be interested to hear if anyone had any other element to share on this issue.
Horikawa didn't learn Sekiguchi ryu jujutsu from his father. He learned Shibukawa ryu. As for the rest of the comments, at least one yoshinkan instructor at the time, Ogawa, left the Yoshinkan and began training under Horikawa. The current menkyo of the kodokai, Shinpo, also started in yoshinkan before moving joining kodokai. Inoue Sensei has remained on good terms with members of daito ryu, including my own teacher. As Ellis states, he is the perhaps closest in Aiki techniques. This all indicates that there was at least more to the relationship than a one-off informal demo. At the very least, it seemed to have made an impression on at least some of the yoshinkan members .

However, relating to his comments about myth and Jung: By coincidence (synchronicity?) I've been reading Jung's memoirs and some of his other writings. I'm beginning to think that Jung's explications of consciousness touch at least partially on how traditional budo is transmitted and understood. That which is referred to as "aiki" in Daito Ryu is incorporated into this method. In other words, it needs to be learned in a particular context/relationship, under particular conditions and with regard to a particular weltanschauung. One cannot learn aiki (as referred to in Daito Ryu parlance) simply from being shown some solo exercises. If Shioda DID learn anything from Horikawa, he would have had to already have been exposed to this particular world of physical/symbolic perception already.
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