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Re: Dead end?

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Hello Aikiweb,I'm back from a session at a different dojo/different style/different teacher.

I never felt this alienated and wrong in my entire life.Usually I'm confident with what I do because I udnerstand the mentality and the way things should be.This time I couldn't agree with jsut a single thing that was said and done.

I kept thinking "Gosh if sensei saw that,he would be furious (and so am I)" or "I wish I could be at my home dojo right now".I realized how much I miss my sensei and how awesome he really is.
This was a much needed change to see,that I need no change.

Everything I was doubting before felt like the ultimate way to aikido...I am ashmed right now and wish to apologize for being so rushing.

Thanks again to everyone here!

Janet Rosen
"peace will enter when hate is gone"--percy mayfield
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