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Re: "Aikido is BS"

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It's been so quiet here lately that i have been double-dared into making a controversial post.

So suppose a small guy (like me), 5 feet 8 inches tall, 140 lbs, comes up to you and say "Aikido is all BS". How would you convince me otherwise?

If you fail to throw me and make me fall in a graceful aikido way, you just confirmed my statement.

If you throw me around, I would say, that's no aiki, that's just brute force! Hah take that.

So how would you convince me ?

LMAO...Not like that question has not been posed before by dudes of all sizes. My answer, "You might be right", and smile. Responses to that answer have varied over the years from folks then attacking you (and thus hearing another common phrase Hey! That's not Aikido! LOL) to those folks walking away with a smile thinking they've "won" the argument... never realizing I have conceded nothing to advance their premise. Terry Dobson called this verbal Aiki, and I agree with his book that all budo has an application beyond "fighting" Indeed the very purpose of Budo and Aikido in my experience is to get beyond "just fighting". Perhaps as a combat application some arts are losing their luster... oh well. Personally I know my Aikido does not suck, that is until I meet the man who sucks less than me. ( and we all will meet that person.. in droves ) LOL. If that's the only way I choose to measure any art well heck!!! I'll just get a concealed carry.... keep practicing my combat pistol skills (since the only objective of "combat" is to prevail and would you know it some dude shows up with an assault rifle, or calls in an airstrike!), and quit trying to better myself through Budo.

William Hazen

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