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Re: "Aikido is BS"

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It's been so quiet here lately that i have been double-dared into making a controversial post.

So suppose a small guy (like me), 5 feet 8 inches tall, 140 lbs, comes up to you and say "Aikido is all BS". How would you convince me otherwise?

If you fail to throw me and make me fall in a graceful aikido way, you just confirmed my statement.

If you throw me around, I would say, that's no aiki, that's just brute force! Hah take that.

So how would you convince me ?

Well first of all, I wouldn't try to convince you, other people's ideas do not effect my practice.
But let's say that I had to answer, just for argument's sake.
Failing to throw you gracefully wouldn't be on my part, it takes practice for the uke to be able to follow even the most severe techniques in a graceful ukemi, that's part of the art.
So, if someone had this argument, I would apply my techniques, land him flat on his ass, and then let him moan about my...brute strength.
The ignorant's opinion has no value, but his ass would know the answer...
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