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Re: Z: Zazan, Zanshin, and Living in the Zone

That was a nice piece, Sensei! The eulogy point reminded me of one of my favorite philosophers, Jack Handy, who wrote, "I hope when I die, people say of me, ‘That guy sure owed me a lot of money!'"

Anyway, I love the idea of unattachment during the training. I would estimate that 99.99% of the time, I am much too attached to the idea of "completing" the technique. I screw it up because I become invested in "doing something" to my opponent. You know the jerks I have to deal with in the dojo Anytime they feel something, they're going to take advantage of it! We've been trying to focus on balancing the in/yo, so that nothing actually goes into uke, and this works WAY better! Miles to go before this is done consistently...

Looking forward to another series

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