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Re: How to deal with aggressive, non-compliant attackers? And discussion on atemi.

Good comments Kevin, especially about the "control" mentality. I think we see a lot of tactical programs that emphasize control over striking. I am not sure if that is a PC thing, or if the program designers have correlated more success from suppression and control tactics (over striking tactics). I've even seen some bully programs where kids are taught to cover their attackers and wait for help.

Kata training in aikido gets you so far. But there has been some good advice to expose yourself to some other systems that look differently at striking and interaction. Clinching after a strike set is often a solid way to gain bodily control - I am a big fan of the programs that work this type of process. Aikido training is often focused on the irrimi of striking; that is, the mechanical process of acquiring and defending tactical space through occupation. Some schools just work with the principle, others with the strike, some have difficulty with that concept and some don't believe it. George Ledyard has an article on striking that I believe to be the hallmark article on this topic.

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