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Re: My forum pet peeve: "I never got in a fight - the ultimate self-defense!"

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
Hey Matt,

Just my take and thoughts on this so please take them for what they are worth. In my mind and thinking....I don't believe SD training should start with prevention, I think that should actually be the conclusion not the beginning. I think we first need to face the cold hard facts about the realities of violence and to reach a intimate understanding that someone that is hell bent on hurting you might just do that and what are you going to do about that if he is. The answer may be "holy shit! I'm a 100lbs soaking wet and it is not going to end well for me if someone attacks me in a dark alley! Let me look at what I need to do to not get in that situation!"

I'd rather have a person reach that understanding than go through a self defense warm and fuzzy seminar that talks about prevention and the groin grab and heal stomp and go home feeling good about themselves all empowered like.
Hi Kevin, good points! Thank you every time for sharing your insights!

Tokyo Zeplin wrote:
That... pretty much sums up what I needed a dozen paragraphs to say!
Well, to be fair, it took me about a dozen attempts to whittle it down to that.
Take care!

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