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Re: It's not You, It's Me

Corky Quakenbush wrote: View Post
I just attended the Aiki Extensions Conference in Palo Alto (and if you have any interest in exploring applications of aikido off the mat as well as how aiki informs our practices I couldn't recommend this organization more highly). There were many long time practitioners of aikido who come from what might be called an "aiki" background who use aiki principles in many ways including martially in aikido.

The host of the event was Sofia University which was founded by Osensei's student, Robert Frager, PhD., Shihan, who I understand holds the highest rank given by Osensei to a non-Japanese student. I can't adequately convey the depth of the inquiry into aiki on every level this weekend offered to attendees. There were presentations on somatics, aikido outreach, aikido in law enforcement, and how weapons can inform aiki practice from aikidoka from around the world. Many lineages were represented, and many participants had upwards of thirty or forty years or more in aikido. I came away with many insights into my own practice and study of aiki.

Coincidentally there was some discussion along the lines of your closing notion in your entry about communication and sharing our work along these lines.

Here's a link to the organization's webpage:
That's great to hear. I think if we actually sit down in a room and hash this stuff out, we are talking details, not concepts. Part of my frustration here on Aikiweb is the gossip that confuses fact with fiction. I think many of our aiki pioneers know this and are looking to better communicate what is going on and start to separate the BS from the IS. The problem will be whether we make fools of ourselves in the meantime.

The reason I chose to title the thread was in fact to draw attention to the issue of perspective. Eventually, I think we will reach a point where we stop arguing about potato or potatoe and we realize we are talking about the same thing. Or not.

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