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Re: Can you truly understand budo without training in Japan?

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Granted we have to accept that Ueshiba's concept and understanding of what 'true budo' is correct and that was what Takeda opened his eyes to.
I don't think what Ueshiba meant with "true budo" was what he learned from takeda.
Indeed he said that takeda had opened his eyes to budo, and I also agree that this statement refers to daito-ryu-aiki.

But I think this:
O Sensei: Aikido is Ai (love). You make this great love of the universe your heart, and then you must make your own mission the protection and love of all things. To accomplish this mission must be the true Budo. True Budo means to win over yourself and eliminate the fighting heart of the enemy...
is not what was taught to him by takeda.
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