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Re: My forum pet peeve: "I never got in a fight - the ultimate self-defense!"

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
self-defense is a much large arena of training than most folks realized. most folks, that i know and some that i don't, tends to think self-defense involved some sort of martial arts training and/or firearm training. so many martial arts schools, that i saw, advertised self-defense training. not one that i saw mentioned anything about the psychological portion of self-defense. to deal with the shock of violent being cary out, to deal with pain and wounds, to deal with all the sight, sound and smell of violent, to deal with the aftermath, to deal with the much after aftermath. just because you are physically prepared, don't mean that you are mentally. i would say that before folks start talking about self-defense, they should spend sometimes at the hospital emergency. there is nothing like the sight, sound and smell of blood and violent to let you know how ready you are.

one of the question that my old karate teacher asked me when i asked him about using what we learned for self-defense: "how far are you willing to go?"
I am still searching for answer. someday i thought i had the answer, other day, not so much.
Thanks Phi...which is why I am reluctant to teach weekend Women's self defense seminars. I don't feel qualified really to deal with the realities of psychological trauma that I think is necessary to come to grips with in order to paint a realistic expectation of what a 100lb women can reasonably influence against a young 220lb male.

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