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Re: Unifying the theories

The essence of what I'm saying is that you can't successfully mature if you were never a baby, child, adolescent, etc. I think Aiki- at least as it comes to me in my path- arrives with experience. Let's stick with this golf metaphor because most people are familiar with the factors. (I don't golf, so forgive me the technical errors.)

I'm not going to use IP/IT here because it seems to mean different things to different people. But Ai Ki is probably involved with the intelligence and wisdom of playing the game. How Uke and Shite/Nage inter-relate. What we are studying in Yoshinkan dojos is what golfers would call "mastering the strokes". Head down, arm straight, pause on the backswing types in nuance.

Neither by itself is going to get you on the Pro Tour. You can get pretty far with sloppy technique if you have good tactics. If your waza is precise and powerful you can also do fairly well, but it's still not mastery without proper application.
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