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Mert Gambito
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Re: "IP/IT/IS" vs technique?

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
just want to advertise my own stuffs so you might also want to refer to them as non-Phi skills as well. because Phi's internal skills involved consume large quantity of kimchi (blame Janet again), beans (so many beans so little time), cabbage, chicken feet (for luck during halloween), thousand year old eggs (999 year old is ok too, but won't be as fresh), and southern BBQ pork with the completion of pecan pie. this system of practice has no nevermind none technique. because it's all about IP about....about.....about
I suppose the current IP/IS movement understandably generates debate, given it's still relatively young in the greater scheme of history. But pecan pie -- there is no debating the goodness of that!

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