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"I believe there are strategies in Aikido but think they are generally manifested through good aikido training."

May I suggest that Strategy would involve correct posture, confident movement, and miai?

These are the basic things that must be in place for us before we can hang our "techniques" on the frame.

Following that thread "Tactical" would involve short term adaptations of our strategy to fit a example would be something mentioned in an earlier thread, a slight change in posture to present a target to an attacker. Tactical would also correspond to the techniques we use for the direction of an attack (i.e. a straight forward attack such as shomen-uchi vs a diagonal attack such as yokomen uchi).

"Operational" is our response to an immediate threat such as the raising of the arm and entering to begin ikkyo.

Strategic, Tactical, Operational. A flow of planning based on perceived time frames.
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