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Cady Goldfield
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Re: "IP/IT/IS" vs technique?

Michael Varin wrote:
It is often stated by proponents of "IP/IT/IS" that the techniques of aikido (and presumably other styles) are unimportant; that "IP/IT/IS" operates outside of technique.

No, that's not quite accurate. What is being said is that the training to develop IP and Aiki is separate from technique training. It is a completely separate methodology and set of training exercises specifically designed to develop the internal skillset... which is then applied to technique to empower it.

This is a crappy metaphor, but the closest thing I can think up on the fly -- It's kind of like building a car. The engine is built in a different part of the factory than the chassis is, using different tools wielded by a different set of technicians. Then, the engine and chassis are brought together, and the engine is installed into the chassis to power the vehicle.

The chassis is technique. The engine is IP and Aiki.
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