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Re: My forum pet peeve: "I never got in a fight - the ultimate self-defense!"

Philip Zeplin-Frederiksen wrote: View Post

I'm not sure if you're just responding casually with your own random thoughts here, or if that was meant as a reply to my post. If it was meant as a reply to me, what exactly are you replying to?
Perhaps it was poorly written on my part, but I thought it was obvious that I was referring to the original subject of this thread.

Philip Zeplin-Frederiksen wrote: View Post
Are your purposefully disregarding my last few paragraphs, or did you just not finish reading my post? Or am I missing something here?
No, I read it all.

"As I've said multiple times by now - If you wish to train purely for that, go for it. If you feel that's what you're getting out of your training, and that's fine with you, good for you. I have nothing against such practices, nor anything against such people.
This is just a little patronising, all these people still not getting it in spite of your repeated attempts to enlighten...

Just please stop twisting questions into meaning something different, just so you can reply with the answers that personally suite you the best."
This seems to be the whole gist of your argument or objection but I'm not sure exactly what threads/posts you're referring to here and if the arguments that people are presenting are along the lines of Aikido being useful to them in avoiding or de-escalating conflict I'm not sure you've presented a coherent argument as to why this isn't a legitimate experience or perspective (for them).
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