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Re: "Aikido is BS"

Lipyeow Lim wrote: View Post
you mean "Aiki" is a religion ? Believe and you will be saved ? :-)

Chris, very nice story.... again ... trying to convince me by anecdotes/parables .... make "aiki" more like a religion ...

what happen to those folks who say that come touch my sensei and you will know/recognize "aiki" ? What does "aiki" feel like ?


ps. i'm just trying to stir up discussion ... i'm not really an asshole.
My point was - Minoru Mochizuki wouldn't have accepted the two initial premises:

Lipyeow Lim wrote: View Post
If you fail to throw me and make me fall in a graceful aikido way, you just confirmed my statement.

If you throw me around, I would say, that's no aiki, that's just brute force! Hah take that.
He would have just smacked them.

"My father was not a pacifist."
- Kisshomaru Ueshiba

Here's what Morihei said to Rinjiro Shirata after Shirata smacked down a challenger in the dojo:

“Idiot! Can’t you go a little easier?”

Morihei, who happened to be present, thundered at Rinjiro. But this was just for the visitor, who had suffered harsh damage. After sending him away hobbling with a stick, Morihei said, “Well done. That was good.”


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