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Bill Danosky wrote: View Post
Please understand, I'm not saying we should all train like Anderson Silva. I'm not even slightly interested in that level of effort. My purpose in holding him up, is to say, "This is what it looks like when someone has a clear, yet indefinable advantage." Something that's more than inferred by the IP crowd, yet there's no outward indication of it being true.

Anderson was bound to lose at some point, btw. He just didn't take this fight seriously enough, but we know he'll bring out his A game in December.
Just waits til Hendricks puts one on GSP...

You point is exactly the reason why the it has to be felt line is important. When I bounced, I was often aggravated by patrons because I was smaller than the other bouncers. Why? Because my size was a more obvious indicator of competitive advantage.

I am not discounting the obvious indicators of competitive advantage, like size... or tattoos... But we shouldn't we also look at the not-obvious indicators, too? I think this is one of the tasks that IP proponents are still trying to market. I mean, imagine how difficult it is to reach a market that requires hands-on experience to sell what you are doing?

In the meantime:

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