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So, you're impatient to progress, and you want recognition. Unfortunately, in budo training impatience is not rewarded, and praise is doled out very sparingly (if at all). The more you try to rush into what you think of as "advanced techniques", the more you'll be sent back to the beginning; the more you fish for recognition, the more you'll be told "Just keep training." You have to be your own feedback barometer, and you have to find your own reasons for training within yourself, not in recognition from others. And if you don't find it in yourself, then leave. There's no shame in not doing something that's not a good match for you.
That was basically the reply I dreaded...It's sad to say but it seems I was wrong and after all I need to just to enjoy doing it ( I really do )

I think the replies were plenty and very helpful.Thanks to all who took their time.I have found what I was looking for.
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