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Re: Dead end?

3/4 of a year in. Keep up the good work!

My teacher would always say, "When you leave the dojo, practice the waza on your own -- very slowly, like taiji -- and make sure the principles of the art are in every move." Throughout the years, I would go through the motions of doing this every so often, a few times week for 5 minutes each time, sometimes for a half hour. Sensei said to do this, cool, check. After a decade of training, I felt compelled to call him after coming to a number of realizations about how to train and what to look for in my training. I asked him, "What percentage of the time do you practice on your own away from the dojo, vs. in the dojo?" Mind you, this is a teacher who ran classes six days a week when I was a mudansha. He said, "90% vs. 10%".

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To me it all comes down to the thought "Am I wasting time?"

We have a nidan senpai,he really is what I would like to be.They have been training together for years like he says and the relationship is more than healthy.
Echoing Ashley: I think you answered your own question.

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