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Re: "IP/IT/IS" vs technique?

Ron Ragusa wrote: View Post
Jamie -

You are lumping Mary, and me indirectly, into a group to which we do not belong. Please understand, we are not opposed to "the IP thing". Personally I think it's great that folks are finally beginning to see the value of extending their training beyond the waza only model. We have been exposed to internal training as a regular part of our Aikido practice since we began (over 25 years for Mary, ~40 for me).

Our training paradigm is different from the methods currently being espoused on AikiWeb. Different exercises, different goals, many of the same results.

We aren't fliers, so a trip to lovely Hawaii doesn't loom large in our future. If you're ever on the east coast drop us a line you're welcome to come and train with us.

That would be great! I have never been to the East coast and would like to experience what you are training. I have worked with some of the Ki Society people here and find great value in what they train in. I think being open and meeting people training in different methods and organizations can only lead to growth and friendship. I apologize if I misunderstood your intentions Mary.

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