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Basia Halliop
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Re: Dead end?

From what you're describing, your dojo actually sounds really good. I wouldn't be surprised if, if you stay for a few years, you'll be really thankful for the way you were taught, and will look back and see that it really helped you be much better in the long run. That's just from the description of the teaching style, so I could be wrong of course.

But it's OK if you decide you don't want to learn that way, or that you prefer a different school or a different martial art entirely. It's up to you in the end what your goals are and what you wish to do with your time.

One question I would suggest is to look closely at the more senior students in the dojo - do you believe, as far as you're able to tell, that they have the skills you'd like to have someday? It's not perfect, but that's the best clue you probably have for where staying with this teacher is likely to lead you.

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