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I agree with Hugh.......solid walls are built on strong foundations, brick by brick. I truly believe that all aikido is basic technique and grows into something more with polish and practice. If you are anywhere near as good as you think you are, you will still find subtlety and great wealth of skill by working with your kihon waza as you describe. Banked coals will allow you to forge steel, while a flash will only illuminate you for a split second.
I'm not perfect,I'm bad at best.It's just that I'm worried about where it all will lead to.
Recently a few people at a martial arts meeting told me that I'm extremely good for the short time,so I though I might add it.Those are not my words.I'm not proud of myself.

I've been to another dojo during the summer break and discovered that they have completely different rotation and focus on pushing the students to the limit (in order to expand the borders)

I'm just not sure what to think
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