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Unhappy Dead end?

Hello everyone,

I have quite some doubts right now that left me sleepless for weeks now.
I'm fairly new to aikido (3/4 year) but I personally feel like I'm pretty good at it.I never have problems with techniques and realize most things immediately.
My teacher is a really great person and nice overall but his training methods seem really shallow at best.He teaches us to be patient and focus on working with details.
That doesn't bother me at all but he rarely mixes the techniques up and some weren't even used yet (Koshinage,Jujinage,sumi otoshi,full nikyo).Also he never encourages us to go in hard and take a big flying ukemi,instead he insists on working slowly and carefully.I feel like this is just surpressing all of us.
I doubt he even keeps track of who was there or not and if that is the case,how will I ever be able to have a proper 5th kyu exam?

He also teaches weapons but it always comes down to suburi and only once of twice an actual fight with blocking,stepping out etc.

Is this normal or should I leave?

I appreciate any kind help
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