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Re: My first impressions of training Aikido

Philip Zeplin-Frederiksen wrote: View Post
It included many breaks, but I do believe the 12 (or so, could be 14, or 11, it wasn't crazy important to me) years was of actual practice, not including the breaks.
No clue if it was in a different style, didn't ask that much about it. I was just shocked that she could barely do forward rolls after that much training time!
I'd suggest reserving judgment. She may be dealing with a significant injury or medical issue. Often (and not just on the mat), when you see someone who is not moving as well as you think they should, there's a reason behind it. Consider instead the strength and courage of someone who struggles with a physical limitation and still gets out on the mat and tries, knowing that some people will think disparaging thoughts about her performance.
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