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Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
All technique has internal power. How can it be separate?
Some people have internal power and are able to manifest them through waza. A majority honestly well....don't. There maybe aspects of IP that people may have but this is a different level. I albeit I don't have the experience in years as many of the people in the forum but have practiced enough to know and feel the difference.

The internal power manifested by Dan Harden and Sam Chin sifu are quite different from anything I have ever felt. I have been uke for several high ranking Sensei at different times and there is no comparison. There is an instant kuzushi and impenetrability upon first contact. You cannot get "inside" nor feel their center. There is no "Tanking" or "Hypnosis". You move because you have no choice. The is no "leading ki" or cues to fall. There are no tells of physical tension or windup. You are moved and moved hard!

When this caliber of IP is added to waza the results are quite amazing. The other person honestly has no chance.

In researching this IP/IS methodology, I can understand the skepticism and disbelief of the mainstream towards this route. I think Aikido is an amazing martial art and has changed peoples lives around the world. Why change it? Why mess with a martial art that encompasses a high moral foundation and promotes peace and harmony? Why mess the with the "Art of Harmony"? I think the people of the IP movement are honestly not degrading or trying to denigrate Aikido. Through the efforts of people like Chris Li and Dan Harden, the origins and source of O-Sensei's power are coming to light. Instead of the debate and debunk route why not go to the source? If you have an open mind and are willing to find out what the reason why these IP people are so adamant about this "New" trend, you may be surprised at what you find. All of the people involved in the IP movement I have met are all great people and willing to share all of the information they have with others.

On another note, Dan Harden is a really nice guy and a formidable martial artist. I am happy to have met him. My view on the martial arts and the path of budo are diverging due to my exposure to IP/IS.

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