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Re: My first impressions of training Aikido

Good for you, little brother! From what you posted, you will like being an honorary Yoshi- orc. But be careful about who you are getting your tips from, because there is only ONE way to do any technique. Sensei knows best, but Yoshinkan there is Yoshinkan everywhere. Get a copy of "Total Aikido, by Gozo Shioda" and do things that way when in doubt.

That Ki stuff is probably real, but it doesn't help your waza, so you can safely ignore it. Perfect technique is the name of the game in your kyu ranks. The other stuff you'll learn after you make Shodan.

You are going to find people who suck in any dojo. As it relates to self defense, drill your wristlocks, entries and throws, but don't forget what you already know. This is just adding elements to your repertoire. If you get into a spot, still throw everything you have at it.
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