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Re: My first impressions of training Aikido

Thank you for taking the time to write all that out. I really enjoyed reading it. This part made me want to reply though:

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A couple of random random things:
My seniors keep getting annoyed, because I bend in ways I shouldn't (when taking a technique). Now, if not for the following, I would added that under negative. But no, it's just that, as they say "that's fine, but then I would do a completely different technique, but that's not the one we're practicing right now", and so, awkward moments are abound, as they continually look at me with a "grrr, not again ._.'" face, when I bend and move in ways that don't correspond with the technique being learned.
I find when I am working with someone new.. completely unaware of 'what way they should bend' and I demonstrate the technique, IF the way they 'bend' is a way they should not, it is because I did something incorrectly... even if was just 'a little' as you noticed with the pins... 2 cm more this way or that way makes a huge difference in getting the correct result.

So creating the right shape in your Uke means doing the technique right yourself.. it is not Uke's fault at all. Uke should not have to fall into the right shape, your actions should create the resulting shape/loss of balance.

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Also, I love tea and cake!

And also, joint locks hurt like sh!t.
Loving tea and cake is mandatory as well.

Joint locks brought on slowly will build up your joints so that you develop a stronger body. We all know that when it comes time to the 'pin' how it is going to end with the joint locked and a tap.. so take your time and use it to build each others strength up with a nice slow joint lock stretch. "aaaahhhh, yeah, that feels good."

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Now grab my wrist
Usually not on a first date and.. well, we hardly no each other.

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