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Re: Can you truly understand budo without training in Japan?

Cliff Judge wrote: View Post
But which ideas? That is the question. The first ideas you have when you step onto the mat, or the ideas that you develop over years and years of proper training?
Both. The ideas we bring with us and the ideas that develop over years of training. We all have both these things, and we all let both these things affect the way we train.
There is a big difference between saying "I think I will take up Aikido so I can learn the wrist locks" and something like "What if this feeling of extension from my back heel into uke's center is supposed to be in EVERYTHING?"
There is a big difference. I just don't think I have the authority to decide which of these two is "right" or which amounts to "true understanding". I know which one is more interesting to me and more relevant to my life, but to claim to know any more than that is to speak for an art that never named me its spokesman.
It is fundamentally impossible for everyone to do budo the same way - even if everybody is trying their hardest to engage in ignorant, mindless repetition.
I agree.

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