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Re: 6 Directions

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Didn't saw your post

I've said cleary long time ago what I believe about the existence of internal power. I don't deny it exists.

And about your "then you are not prepared to be in this thread"... that's Jun bussiness, not yours.

I have read many of your posts, my comments are more rhetorical for the thread, not just you. I may have been murky in responding specifically to your comments or generically to the thread.

Yes, ultimately Jun is the moderator responsible for keeping threads on-base. Having moderated forums previously, I do not envy him. My comment is one of self-regulation and related to why we would participate in a thread, not if. In this thread alone, the level of competence is fairly clear from the content of the posts. I think the quality of the posts are evidence enough... mine included. For example, I have now spent more posts defending whether IP exists then describing the exercise... which is the topic of the thread.

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