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Re: 6 Directions

Michael Varin wrote: View Post
Jon and Jonathan. . . Chill out my AikiWeb friends.

Step back from your keyboards and read what was written in context. You have both completely missed the point.

The way I read the posts, Jonathan Wong was asked, "How are you [personally] using it in a cool way?"

How can a video of Hiroshi Ikeda possibly show this?

I'm not tired of people discussing Ikeda or Sam Chin videos. When did I ever say that? Please don't mischaracterize my statements. I'm obsessed with aikido and the martial arts. I'll discuss the hell out of anything that anyone posts, and I enjoy when others do the same. I have nothing at all against these guys. I did not criticize them in any way in this thread. Please do not put words in my mouth. And believe me, if I criticize them I would make it clear, because I don't think anyone is off limits.

Not everything or everyone that challenges you in life is antagonistic.
I think context here is everything. Your questions has been asked and answered, your continued pursuit of it is curious. I think my point was to ask why are you are criticizing those who have not posted a video of themselves, citing the ease in which a video can be created, but disregarding the quality of the content. Those who have not posted their videos (myself included) have cited, among a number of reasons, their personal discomfort in sharing their application for reasons of competency.

In lieu of a personal video, the posters have been sharing the training exercises they have inherited from proponents of internal training methods. These videos show the exercises the posters are working on. I asked for clarification because in continuing to ask to see personal videos of the same exercises, you are asking to see videos that will almost certainly be less helpful than the original videos. It seems your frustration is directed at the timeline during which you feel someone should have posted their expertise in aiki for your consumption. To me, that left 2 major valid criticisms: either you have a problem with aiki, as expressed by Sam Chin or Hiroshi Ikeda; Or, you have a problem with the competency in which these two people disseminate aiki instruction, as expressed by the lack of students willing to demonstrate their aiki. It sounds like you believe these guys have internal power, or at least do not have issue with their claim they have internal power. So that brings us to criticism 2.

For me, I spoke to Ikeda Sensei a few years ago about this topic because I felt previously his instruction (language barrier aside) was less than clear; Ikeda sensei dramatically changed his instruction to be more inclusive of aiki training and he has found new methods to disseminate the content. Both have had a positive change on his instruction, in my opinion. I told him so. But, aiki has a learning curve that exceeds your timeline. You're not gonna see expert videos on this stuff for a while.
Gleason, Ledyard... Hell, Ledyard just put up a online library that you can view on your computer. All these guys are sharing their exercises if you ask. They all have approaches of maximizing the training time frame to integrate this stuff into aikido.

This thread began with an inclusive request to share information about a specific exercise, yet somehow reached a point of criticism about things not shared. I continue to be amazed by the burden of proof placed upon proponents of aiki. I perceive that we pursue this topic with the vigor to invalidate a point, as illustrated by your criticism of excluded content, rather than discussion of the existing content.

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