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Re: Beginners should not be allowed to act as uke.

Sho shin is key. We are all beginners. Without training in and understanding the role of uke, there is no nage. One should train and understand uke just as thouroughly as nage. At hombu many, if not all students had an innate understanding of uke with their martial arts backgrounds, so I guess not much time was spent teaching them proper attacks, deadly attacks delivered with force and precision. As one learns the skills required to practise, this should be fundamental, innate and taught from day one. As much nit picking on technique that takes place, the same should go into correcting, improving and teachingthe attack. They are oppisite sides of the same coin, and both should be studied, taught and internalized from the beginning. Aikido instructors really have their work cut out for them and take on great responsibilities.
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