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Re: Endo Seishiro shihan's new book, 'Vibration and Connection'

1. delivers to Europe. But you have to create a new amazon account on because an acount allready existing on or ~ fr. etc. does not work with Also payment is accepted only via credit card. paypal wich is commonly used with amazon in Europe or US does not work. (That's why I did not use amazon to geht sensei's book.)
While most of the site is Japanese there is a "Help in English" and creating my account -inlcuding shipping address- worked in English also.

2. I ordered my copy via Yesasia. But it took three month until I finally got my copy. At least they were very friendly answering my inquieries concerning the delay. I didn't use Yesasia before, so I don't know wether delays are typical for them.
They have an English site, payment works via paypal and they have a friedly service.
"Shipment unit" is just a way of calculating the shipment costs.

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